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How To Be Spiritual In A Material World
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27 Jun 2018
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Renewable Y-O-U

“Renewables” sounds like a fairly recent concept. However, we’ve been using renewable energy for millennia: wind, water, fire, and animal / human labor. Today renewable energy is about saving the environment and diminishing our dependence on fossil fuels. Coupled with conserving finite resources, we’ve also gotten smart: smartphones, smart cars, smart homes, smart health care (wearables). Yet our smart solutions are dumbing us down in one crucial respect: we’re highly connected to them, and less connected to ourselves than ever before. We are the ultimate renewable resource — when we become conscious of this truth. It’s a quantum shift in perception that changes everything. What “Renewable” Really Means Becoming a renewable resource doesn’t mean ditching your phone for the plow, but becoming more mindful in every moment. Think of it this way: work is applied energy. Sustaining your own energy means working with yourself as a renewable resource. In their new…

11 May 2018
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A Time & Money Saving Solution To Juicing

Daily juicing is a great routine to get into. We’ve all been there before, we get excited about starting a new juicing regiment only to be discouraged by the lack of time truly needed to commit to it. There are several things that need to be given consideration before beginning juicing. Understandably, health and wellness don’t come easy, you’ve got to put in the time and commitment to get results. We all have enough on our plate already. Life is just too busy, we are already juggling too much, biting off more than we can chew. If you want to start a juice regiment, this is what you can really expect. You’re going to have to buy a ton of vegetables that will fill your fridge up, and you’ll have to go grocery shopping more frequently because the amount of juice that can be squeezed out of a vegetable is…

20 Apr 2018
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Healthy Living: 4 Things to Practice Every Day

  Staying healthy doesn’t require several hours at the gym or counting calories at every meal. There are various ways you can achieve overall wellness by incorporating a few simple steps into your daily routine. Here are some of the best head-to-toe health strategies for everyday life.  Drink plenty of water. Modern society has created endless options for buyers. The problem with this is that we may not always make the best decision when it comes to what we consume. This is especially important to remember when we decide what to drink each day. In order to prevent dehydration, the general rule is to drink at least eight cups of water each day. Aside from keeping you hydrated, drinking this amount of water also gets rid of wastes, regulates body temperature, guards sensitive tissues from harm, and lubricates and protects joints. If you aren’t yet drinking eight cups of water…

16 Mar 2018
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Break Up with the Past and Start Living in the Present

While some people try to escape from the past, others don’t want to let go. Nonetheless, both types carry the burden of their past, not being able to focus on the present and the fleeting moments of happiness. Your past is a part of you – your past experiences have shaped you into the person you are now and you shouldn’t reject them. However, you shouldn’t hold on to your past either because it will make you blind to the present opportunities. Reliving your past experiences and immersing yourself in memories will be a source of great personal dissatisfaction, too. You may have certain regrets over the mistakes you made in the past. You may feel nostalgic about the way your life once was. This will always prevent you from moving on, embracing change and taking the opportunities that come your way. Thus, you need to learn to free yourself…